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The Flea Market is open 24/7 for you to buy and / or sell your pre-loved items all year round. It's free and talks direct to the dog people you want to reach for as long as it takes!

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Show Diary

  • Train in the Ring - 18-20 June

  • Axstane - 19-20 June

  • Mid Cornwall - 19 June

  • Dog Vegas - 25 June-2 July

  • Wraxall - 26 - 27 June

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 26 June - 4 July

  • Lune Valley - 26 June- 4 July

  • Dartmoor - 3 July

  • Blackdown - 4 July

  • Surrey - 10 July

  • Dickson & Westlands - 10-11 July

  • Sherborne Vale - 11 July

  • Billingshurst - 11 July

  • Crufts - 15-18 July

  • Wirral - 16-17 July

  • Castlewellan - 17 July

  • Caerphilly - 17-18 July

  • Barnard Castle - 18 July

  • Granite City - 24 July

  • Weardale - 24-25 July

  • Brecon - 1 August

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 7-15 August

  • IMCA / PAWC - 12-26 August

  • Agility Rocks (Teejay) - 14-15 August

  • Dundee - 21-22 August

  • Scottish KC - 28-29 August

  • Bromsgrove - 28-29 August

  • Easington - 4-5 September

  • Gillingham - 5-6 September

  • Roseland - 11 September

  • Longfield - 11 - 12 September

  • North Derbyshire - 11-12 September

  • Shrewsbury & District - 11-12 September

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 16-20 September

  • West Lakeland & Barrow - 20-22 August

  • Suffolk Five Rivers - 25 September

  • FCI World Champs - 23 - 26 September

  • Dashing Dogs - 2 October

  • Chippenham - 2-3 October

  • Sherborne Vale - 3 October


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.



Events added in the last two weeks.

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  • The procedure for late UKA entries has changed. (Snippets)

  • Due to an issue with the venue, the FAB Wilts 1 has moved to a new location just 20 minutes away. (Show Diary)

  • There have been changes to KC Agility Measuring Regulations which will be effective 1 July 2021 (Snippets)

  • Entries are now open for the KCIAF, the world's largest dog agility show. (Snippets)

  • Due to people's generosity, SWAP has been able to donate £1000 for Forever Agility in Clive Hildersley's name. (Snippets)

  • Discover Dogs is set to return to the ExCel London in November to celebrate its 25th anniversary. (Show Diary)

  • The YKC Camp is back in the first week of August at the Rutland Showground. (Events)

  • Bretford DTS has made a generous offer to competitors who missed out last October on their show. (Snippets)

  • Greg Derrett has announced new, subscription-based training for anyone interested in international agility competitions. (Training News)


K9 Transport Solutions - A Moving Success Story
Martyn Hall fell in love with the motor industry nearly 20 years ago. He even set up his own business, but then, like others, he was severely hit the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how a chance meeting and agility have changed his life and the direction of his company for the better.

Find a Club
We've renamed this page to better reflect it's purpose. It's not only there for people hoping to start agility but also for you if you move house, for instance, or want to do some 1-2-1 training etc. We've been busy reconnecting with clubs we've not heard from for a while and removing those which are o longer offering agility training. New groups always welcome.

Cockapoo Agility League
Now there's a league just for Cockapoos. All profits will be donated to charity at the end of each league year!

Agility Challenge 2021
This year there will be eight Agility Challenges qualifiers at shows around the country with five partnerships per heat being invited to compete at the Final at Malvern in September 2021, under the watchful eye of Selena Bray.

Pic of the Litter
Daventry Town Football Club enjoyed hosting the Agility Hope Challenge so much that Country Shows Agility have agreed they could host another on 5th-6th June.

Training Tips for Hooperholics
When Hooperholics UK founder Angela Lucas looked back her early efforts, she had to laugh. Compared to how she now approaches training and handles her dog, she thought that she looked like a banshee! Her words, not ours. And that was only four years ago!

Agility Addiction Revisited
Do you eat, drink and sleep agility? If so, you may be suffering from Agility Addiction.  Join the club!

The Story of Scants Farm
Jane Drinnan-Payne and her husband moved to Norfolk to set up their own care homes business, but when he died suddenly, she had to do with her life.

SMART Goal Setting
With agility training and shows starting up again, this is a good time to review your objective and goals for the year.


A demo tyreRecollections of a Bygone Age
Agility Avid (nom de plume) looks back at her early days of agility when agility was a very new hobby dog sport. Some said that agility was for 'dogs with no brains', but she and her dogs were having fun.

Understanding Core Strength
These days the term 'core strength' is a bit of a buzz word in human fitness, but it is also important for the prevention of injuries in agility dogs. Vet physio Eloise Collins explains.

Why Is Your Dog Drinking So Much?
Like all mammals, dogs need to drink water in sufficient amounts to keep their bodies functioning normally. Severe dehydration can even result in death. It's not just a summer problem. This informative article from Your Dog Advisor© will tell you what to look out for.

Agility Together
The FB group will stay open for you to watch the recordings and keep in touch.

Retired Agility Dogs Tribute
Meet some of the dogs that retired in 2020 - some of them before their time due to corona virus restrictions - and always too soon for their loving handlers. If you want to add your dog, please email details.

Agility is Poetry in Motion
Shirley Elkins has added two more verses to her poem Going Over to the Dark Side about her decision to get a Collie for agility 20 years ago.


Judges A-List
'The A-Z has been a lifesaver,' says show organiser Jan Linch of Frittenden. So judges, please check out your entries and update if necessary. The show secretaries out there may be trying to contact you.

The Senior Agility League
Shows shows are back so get out there and grab those points. SAL is open for new members but you must be over the age of 55.

Agilitynet Show Diary
Here at Agilitynet we are optimistic about shows in 2021 while at the same time, we continue to keep you up to date with show cancellations due to the pandemic. But fingers crossed, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Agilitynet FB
Agilitynet FB has reached an impressive 27,000+ members. Welcome to all new members. And thank you to the dedicated Admin who have kept it growing.

The Agilitynet Shop
Since so many agility people now do Hoopers with their oldies, we've added a new section for equipment and accessories to The Shop called... Hoopers!

Flea Market
The Agilitynet Flea Market has been open 24/7 through lockdown so you can buy or sell unwanted items.  We've improved our security in our constant war against spammers.


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