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A great way to reach agility people!

The Flea Market is open for you to buy and / or sell your pre-loved items all year round. It's free and talks direct to the dog people you want to reach for as long as it takes!

Make your next agility dog a rescue.

If you are interested in any of these dogs, just click this link for more information. If you would like to add a dog that you feel would make a great agility dog, then please use the online form. This is a free service to rescue organisations and private individuals.


Working with our friends
at Rescue Dogs for Agility Homes UK
to find happy homes for active dogs.

For more information
Show Diary

  • Dog Vegas - 12-16 August

  • IconiX by Night - 14-16 August

  • Jumping Jacks - 14-16 August

  • Lincoln - 14-16 August

  • Agility 4 England - 14-16 August

  • Dundee - 15-16 August

  • Lisburn - 15-16 August

  • Moonlight - 15-16 August

  • Barnstaple - 16 August

  • Dig It Dogs - Just Eat - 16 August

  • Dogs in Need - 17-24 August

  • Pembroke Country Show - 18-20 August

  • Agility Vision - 21 August

  • Longfield - 21 August (11 days)

  • West Lakeland - 21-23 August

  • Welsh Kennel Club - 21 -23 August

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 17-21 September

  • Hawbridge - 22 -31 August

  • Phoenix Flyers - 23 August

  • Agility Vision - 26 -31 August

  • FAB Somerset - 28-29 August

  • Bridge House - 29 August

  • Fingal = 29 August

  • Glandore - 29 August

  • Bromsgrove - 29-30 August

  • Agility Ability - 29-31 August

  • Northern Agility Week - 29 August - 5 September

  • Prestbury Park - 29-30 August

  • Wessex Agility & Hoopers - 30 August

  • Border Coolie Club of Ireland - 30 August

  • Dartmoor - 31 August

  • Gillingham - 4-5 September

  • Agility Nuts - 4-6 September

  • Letchworth - 4-6 September

  • Chatsworth - 4-6 September

  • Team Ireland - 5 September

  • Easington - 5-6 September

  • Gleniffer - 5-6 September

  • Agility Antics - 5-13 September

  • WTCI - 6 September

  • FCI Worlds - 10-13 September

  • FAB Wilts - 11 September

  • Lechlade - 11-13 September

  • Tenterden Magic - 11-13 September

  • Agillidogz - 11-13 September

  • Blackdown - 11-12 September

  • Active Dogs - 12 September

  • T & A - 12 September

  • Ayrshire - 12-13 September

  • Longfield - 12-13 September

  • Shrewsbury - 12-13 September

  • N. Derbyshire - 12-13 September

  • FAB Surrey - 18-19 September

  • GT September - 18-20 September

  • Southam - 18-20 September

  • Down District - 19 September

  • Roseland - 19 September

  • Dogs Unleashed Too - 19-20 September

  • Valley Farm - 19-20 September

  • Train in the Ring - 19 - 20 September

  • Omnidogs - 19-20 September

  • Carn Brea - 20 September

  • Crooked Oak - 25-27 September

  • Phase Purple - 25-27 September

  • Dog Vegas - 25-28 September

  • Hartpury - 26-27 September

  • Kingdom of Fife - 26-27 September

  • Suffolk 5 Rivers - 26-27 September

  • Prestwood - 27 September

  • Jumping Jacks - 29-31 August

  • Irish KC - 3 October

  • Chippenham - 3-4 October

  • Dog Vegas - 9-12 October

  • Active Dog - 11 October

  • Dog Vegas - 17 October

  • Discover Dogs - 17-18 October

  • Jersey Euro Festival - 17-20 October

  • Blackdown - 18 October

  • JACS - 31 October

  • Half Moon - 31 October

  • Shaw Agility - 31 October

  • Longfield - 31 October - 1 November

  • Active Dog - 1 November

  • Heywood - 8 November

  • Wilmslow - 14 November

  • Active Dog - 22 November

  • Tunbridge Wells - 5-6 December

  • Active Dog - 6 December

  • Half Moon - 6 December

  • Longfield - 12-13 December


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.

Award for best show name of 2019...
Longfield Cheerio to LHO Show



Events added in the last two weeks.

GDPR Compliance
News and information is at the heart of everything we do at Agilitynet. We are and have always been - totally committed to protecting your privacy. Our promise to you is to hold your information securely and use it responsibly and transparently. Your Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. (T&Cs)

(Formerly Snippets)

Follow the link in gray for more information...

  • Operational plan for the resumption of licensed events issued by KC. (Show Snippets)
  • Measuring update issued by the Kennel Club (Show Snippets)
  • The Kennel Club puts out a new statement regarding KC events. (Show Snippets)
  • The 2020 Jersey European Agility Festival which had been rescheduled for 17th-20th October has been cancelled. (Show Snippets)
  • Tim & Clare Griffiths have decided to retire from running Redgates AC but the club will continue under new management.   (Show Snippets)
  • The FCI Agility World Champs will take place in Estonia next year. (Show Diary)
  • The 2020 Young Kennel Club (YKC) Summer Camp will be run online for the first time ever. (Junior News)
  • The Kennel Club has announced the  Management Team to work alongside the Team Manager, Greg Derrett for Agility Team GB. (Show Snippets)
  • Dogs Unleashed Too has cancelled their event. (Show Diary)
  • Discover Dogs in October has been cancelled. (Show Snippets)


Hot Tips for Surviving the Heat Wave
We all know the dangers of leaving your dog in a car in the summer heat, but did you know outdoor activities on hot days can sometimes be equally dangerous?

Thinking Aloud
A word to wise Agility parents... Let your children grow up with dogs and with good dog people because it will teach them to be humble, esilient and brave.

Nigel P. Davis - The Man with a Mic
Freelance auctioneer, drayman at the Stonehouse Brewery and commentator with a sense of humour, Nigel Davis tells the story of how he became a commentator at Crufts.

The Plummers' Tale
Diane Boreham's tale of two terriers starts with Fred, her first agility dog. He was easy and took her to G7 in less than two years. Her second Plummer Terrier Sonny was not so.

Going the Distance
If you are interested in distance handling, this article by Anni Telford and Joanne Orrell is a 'must read.' It's the first of three articles to help you achieve more independence with your dog and start the next chapter of your agility career.

Pic of the LItter
When this is the view from your office window... wow!

MIMsafe UK
World leaders in the design and manufacture of crash-proof animal transport MIMsafe UK is offering dog enthusiasts a unique and simple opportunity to top up your income during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.


Interview with Two Crufts 2020

We zoomed in on two of the judges in the Main Ring- Martin Cavil and David Isbister - in an in-depth conversation about what it was like before, after and during the greatest dog show in the world pre-coronavirus. And we've kept to the 2m rule.

An Insight into Professional Dog Agility Photography
Chris Tarling of Yellow Hound Photography agreed to share some of his professional tips for taking action shots of your dog in the ring. It's more challenging than you think...

The First Intermediate Classes
Agility history was made in January 2020 when the first Intermediate classes were run at the Wilmslow and Derbyshire shows.


Clubs & Private Trainers
Now that clubs and training groups are starting up again, we'd like to update the lists. Please let us know if all your club's details are up to date. New groups welcome.

Agilitynet Show Diary
Agilitynet continue to keep the agility community up to date with news of show cancellations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We have decided to list virtual shows that have schedules until agility shows are back. We are also optimistically adding 2021 show dates when available. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Judges A-List
It's always a good time to add your name to the Judges A-List or update your details. The shows will be back and show organisers will need you.

Agilitynet FB
Agilitynet FB has reached an impressive 27,000+ members. Welcome to all new members. And thank you to the dedicated Admin who have kept it growing.

The Agilitynet Shop
Since so many agility people now do Hoopers with their oldies, we've added a new section for equipment and accessories to The Shop called... Hoopers!

Flea Market
It's always a good season to buy or sell your van, caravan and camping equipment etc. on the new, easier to use Flea Market. We've improved our security in our constant war against spammers. There's more to browse and even some puppies under age of six months. And it is still free for individuals to use.


You'll find everything you need here for a happy and active life with your dogs. For more information about a specific product or service, click on the advert below.

If you are interested in promoting your products and/or services to the agility market, what better way than via Agilitynet. After all, you are reading it now, aren't you! The Kennel Club estimates that the number of competitors taking part in agility shows over the course of a typical weekend is 4,000. To find out more about advertising your goods and services, see our rate card.

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