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You can now add potential agility dogs direct, using the on-line form. This is a free service for rescue organisations and private individuals!


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  • The Kennel Club has announced a new competition as part of the Agility Team GB squad qualification process. (Show Snippets)

  • The K9 BRATS winter series shows for January, February and March are full. (Show Diary)

  • The Portland & Whitecross Show has been cancelled. All fees will be reimbursed. (Show Diary)

  • The Scottish KC measurers will once again be able to measure at every show in Scotland. (Show Diary)

  • Due to Xmas and other issues, the deadline for the Moonlight January show has been extended again. (Show Diary)

  • The January, February and March Jump 'n Touch shows have reached capacity.(Show Diary)

  • Quick round up of Olympia winners.  (Show Snippets)

  • Newlands will be holding a KC show in April after a new years off the circuit. (Show Snippets)


Agilitynet FB
Agilitynet FB has reached a whopping 26,000 members! Welcome to all new members.

Judges A-List
Make one of your resolutions for 2019 to check your entry on the Agilitynet Judges A-List which lists more than 500 agility judges in in place? We are currently updating the list and taking new applications. If you have experience judging at KC, UKA or shows or are just starting out, you can get a free listing.

It can be difficult to find an official KC Measurer if you are new to agility or have a new dog just starting out. A number of measuring sessions are now listed on the Events & Measuring page and/or the Show Diary. Now including measuring sessions for Scottish Shows thanks to Dawn Gilmour. Use the Qualifier filter and select Measuring.

Judge's A-List
The A-List is now on-line so anyone who judges at KC, UKA or independent shows can add and/or amend their entries themselves. There are more than 400 judges around the UK listed so plenty of choice.

Agilitynet Show Diary
Agilitynet has been listening to you again. We've had a request to add classes for Juniors to the Show Diary but will need the help of all the show organisers to identify shows with classes for kids.

In addition, thanks to the 4th Height Supporters Groups, we have a list of shows with LHO on the Show Diary.

Both these options can be accessed via the filter called Qualifiers on the Show Diary.


Events added in the last two weeks.


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.

'Thank you from the whole of Active for allowing us to use Agilitynet. It was amazing. For the 2nd year on this service, we saw every show sold out all with waiting lists.' Stephen Bartholomew

GDPR Compliance
News and information is at the heart of everything we do at Agilitynet. We are – and have always been - totally committed to protecting your privacy. Our promise to you is to hold your information securely and use it responsibly and transparently. Your Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. (T&Cs)


Working with Dogs
The Agility Club has appointed Jill Spurr as the permanent Editor of The Agility Voice. She brings a wealth of experience of agility and wider interests with dogs, as well as print and publishing.

Senior Agility League
We are delighted to announce that SAL has a new sponsor, Nordikota Print & Embroidery, for the 2019 League which is now open for new members and for adding points acquired since 23rd December 2018. Results will be announced soon.

Pick of the Litter
Confused by the new KC regulations? Here's an easy to understand progression chart.

Agility League for Spitz (ALFS)
Mark Bunyan reports on the very successful inaugural year of the League for Spitz and their crosses. It was a very good year especially for Kevin Butler and Ice-Baku.

LOW 550 Scotland
Doc Docherty will be judging the LOW 550 Scotland Final in August. If you want to run Doc’s final course with the chance to win great trophies, a 3m pipe tunnel or a free space on training workshop, be sure to put the dates in your 2019 diary.

New Years Honours List
Mega congratulations to everyone who won out in 2018. This year we have a record number of dog/handler partnerships on the list - more than 1900! Thank you to our sponsors, Agria Pet Insurance for their support.

Competing with a Xolo
it takes a special kind of crazy to consider training a dog with zero work ethic for agility, but that's what Sarah Hamblin has done - and it's working.

Trick Training
Nicola Smith believes that all behaviours including agility are 'tricks' to our dogs. This year she decided to create a Christmas trick video to give her injured G7 Collie something to do on an enforced break. So she created a delightful holiday film A Christmas Tail which you will love.

Flyball & Agility
Beth Rachlis thinks that dogs can do both and pick up the other sport more easily than those who haven't trained in either discipline. And she's proved it. With comments from Ellen Schofield, another successful agility/flyballer.

FCI Agility Worlds 2018
The AWC in Sweden on 4th -7th October was Kathryn Stickney's third consecutive AWC with her Working Cocker Coco and definitely the one for which she felt the most ready.

Bretford Champ Show
Report from the first ever Champ only show where there were some of the best handlers in the UK met for the last chance to qualify for Crufts 2019 and plenty of cake!

Hooperholics South UK League
In recognition of the increasing interest in Hoopers, Angela Lucas has set up a HSUK national points league.

Introduction to Hoopers
There's a new dog sport in the UK that many agility people are taking up with their older or injured dogs.  Sarah Hamblin of CHUK explains what it's about and why it's proving so popular.

Can You Top This?

New records include:-

  1. Double double wins at the same show
  2. The oldest handler to make a dog up to Champ
  3. Most consecutive places for litter-mates
  4. Youngest handlers to win a Champ ticket
  5. Highest place for a first run at a show
  6. Youngest person to win a class in the UK
  7. Litter mates winning the same class (FH and LHO)
  8. Most capped agility judge
  9. Fastest time to fill camping at an agility show
  10. Husband / wife team to win out of the same Grade at the same show

Longleat the Legend
For many people Longleat was and forever will be their all-time favourite agility show venue. In  those doing agility seemed come second to the social side. Shirley Elkins shares her memories of those days when one woke up to the roar of lions!

Still the best way to reach agility people!

You can buy and / or sell your unwanted items on the Flea Market all year round. It's free and talks direct to the dog people you want to reach.


Ice & Snow - An Interview with Two Spitz Dogs
If dogs could talk, an interview with Ice and Snow might go something like this... ALFS co-organiser Mark Bunyan translates.

The Lenton Method®
The Canine Massage Guild will be making history when both Sparsholt and Winchester universities conduct the first ever, in-depth clinical trials on the efficacy of this clinical canine massage therapy.

PAWC 2018 - Where Anything Is Possible
Nigel Perry has a degenerative disc disease and is classed as disabled, so it wasn't surprising that his agility journey  didn't get off to a great start. He persevered, however, and this year he was asked to be a member of Team UK at the IMCA / PAWC 2018.

For many of us in the dog agility world, our lives revolve around our dogs and we can be devastated by their loss. Agility competitor and pet bereavement counsellor Emma-Jane LaRoche writes about this sad and difficult time and how to deal with it.

Chip on the beachA Chip Off the Eastern Block
In 2015 Mary McKie felt she was ready for her next agility dog. She decided that she would look for rescue – maybe six months to a year old. As she lives in South West Scotland, she ruled out dogs from the 'South' as too far away, so how did she end up with a wee dog from Croatia?


There's an extra 'run for fun' qualifier for every Grade level now, not just the Advanced dogs. You can find a qualifier to suit you by using the Qualifiers button on the Show Diary page. Don't be shy. Go for it!

Animal Health Co Classic
Results from the last two heats of the Animal Health Co Classic at North Derbys and Paws in the Park and a brief report from Judge Jackie Gardner at the Grand final. Congratulations to all.

Agria Brillo Bounce
Bury Farm and The British Agility Championships offered the perfect setting for the Finals. Natalie Webb reports on the competition hersef she won in 2015. Well done to the winners Whilst there are always winners, and to those not  successful this time, there’s always next year.

Agility Challenge 2018
All the heats have been finished and the qualifiers meet at at the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday, 30th September 2018 under the watchful eye of Championship Agility Judge Martin Tait. Bring it on!


Touchango Toys - The Ringo
Touchango K9 has launched a range of toys that they make themselves. Lisa Jordan reviews the Ringo, a durable ball on bungee handle which she uses with her collie Amp. 

Photizo® Vetcare
Chris Garrett has used Photizo Light Therapy on her dogs and on herself for a while now, and she agreed enthusiastically to review the Photizo® Vetcare devise, a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

Fun with Fido Treat Pods & Tuggies
Sharon Tuffnell reviews Becky Layphries' new interactive, super squidgy treat pods and tuggies. Perfect for Agility training, Flyball and other dog sports.

DOGGO Parcours
Daniel Gee reviews these agility trainers designed by a German Championship handler and now in the UK for the first time.


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