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Welcome to Agilitynet

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 If you are interested in any of these dogs, just click this link for more information. If you would like to add a dog that you feel would make a great agility dog, then please use the online form. This is a free service to rescue organisations and private individuals.

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Please remember...
Agility is not everything, but sometimes agility is a really nice break from reality.
Birgitta Hermansson

For more information
Show Diary

  • Dig It Dog - Easter - 4 April

  • Dumfries & Galloway - 4 April

  • Kingdom of Fife - 4 April

  • Stardom - 5 April

  • Sit & Stay - 4 - 5 April

  • Agility Nuts - 4 -5 April

  • Paws -Jersey - 4-5 April

  • Andoversford Point to Point - 5 April

  • Wilton - 5 April

  • Carn Brea - 5 April

  • Just Eat (all April shows)

  • Kernow Easter - 10 April

  • UKA Easter - 10 -13 April

  • TAG Easter - 10-13 April

  • Kelluki Easter - 10 - 13 April

  • Phase Purple - 10 - 13 April

  • Dog Vegas Thetford - 10 - 15 April

  • Jumping Jacks - 10-13 April

  • Scunthorpe - 11 - 12 April

  • Scottish Border Collie Club - 11 April

  • Agility Vision Easter - 13 April

  • UKA Lydiard - 17 April

  • Spring at Mkt Harborough - 17-18 April

  • Taming Canines (Agility & CHUK) - 18 April

  • Wye Valley Champ - 18 April

  • Platinum - 18 - 26 April

  • BCC of Ireland - 18 - 19 April

  • Newton Heath - 19 April

  • Agility Antics - 24 April

  • Lincoln Enthusiasts - 24 April

  • Jumping Jacks - 25-27 April

  • Dog Vegas Ramsey - 1 May

  • Agility Ability - 2 May

  • Beachside - 2 May

  • Stardom - 3 May

  • Vyne - 3 May

  • Shrewsbury - 2 - 3 May

  • Woodside - 2-3 May

  • Isle of Man - 2 - 4 May

  • Severnside / N. Soms - 3 May

  • Agility Vision - 8 May

  • Tunbridge Wells - 8 - 10 May

  • Phase Purple - 8 10 May

  • Down District - 9 May

  • Fair City - 9 - 10 May

  • T & A - 9 - 10 May

  • Dartmoor - 9 May

  • Blackdown - 10 May

  • Agility Vision - 15 May

  • Hare ' n Hound - 16 - 27 May

  • Roseland - 16 May

  • Paws in the Park - 16 -17 May

  • Red Run - 16 May

  • Ribble - 16 May

  • Scottish Kennel Club - 17 May

  • Carn Brea - 17 May

  • Stonebridge - 22 May

  • Agility Vision - 22 May

  • Dog Vegas Onlley - 22 May (5 days)

  • Agility Rocks - 23 May

  • SWAT - 23 May

  • Woodside - 23 May

  • High Peak - 23 - 24 May

  • Gleniffer - 23-24 May

  • Packington - 25 May

  • Whizz Dogs - 29 May

  • Avon - 30 May

  • Hinckley - 30 - 31 May

  • Wigton - 30 - 31 May

  • Godmanchester - 5 - 7 June

  • Prestwick - 6 June

  • Dartford - 6 June

  • Otley - 6 June

  • Upanova Tigers - 7 June

  • Oswestry & High Lane - 6 - 7 June

  • Wye Valley Premier- 6 - 7 June

  • Lisburn - 6 - 7 June

  • Thames - 13 - 14 June

  • Woodbank - 20 June

  • Axstane - 20 - 21 June

  • Golden Valley - 20 -21 June

  • Barnard Castle - 20-21 June

  • Dogs Unleashed - 20-21 June

  • Mid Cornwall - 21 June

  • Omnidogs - 27 June

  • Lune Valley - 27 June (9 days)

  • Wirral - 11-12 July

  • European Open - 31 July - 2 August

  • Brecon - 1 August


Click on the link in gray for more information...

  • The Kennel Club is recruiting for an Agility Team GB Manager. (Show Snippets)

  • The Agility Club Starters Challenge heats will be transferred to next year. (Qualifiers News)

  • Kingdom of Fife refunds for the cancelled April Show will be processed by Showtime.  (Show Diary)

  • The DARL finals have been postponed for now, but they will be happening sometime this year. (DARL News)

  • Crystal Vision Awards has decided, due to lack of qualifiers this year, to cancel their Final in August. (Qualifiers News)

  • After lockdown, First Contact has announced that they will be suspending manufacturing until further notice. (Product & Suppliers News)

  • The first Covid-19 cancelled show refunds are going out from Agility Plaza. (Agility Plaza)

  • The Agility League for Spitz (ALFS) will be suspended until further notice. (ALFS News)

  • KC staff will be working from home due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. (KC News)

  • The Agility Club will be suspending their Leagues to coincide with the KC announcement. (Show Snippets)


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.

Award for best show name of 2019...
Longfield Cheerio to LHO Show


Events added in the last two weeks.


Agilitynet FB
Agilitynet FB has reached an impressive 27,000+ members. Welcome to all new members. And thank you to the dedicated Admin who have kept it growing.

The Agilitynet Shop
Since so many agility people now do Hoopers with their oldies, we've added a new section for equipment and accessories to The Shop called... Hoopers!

Flea Market
It's always a good season to buy or sell your van, caravan and camping equipment etc. on the new, easier to use Flea Market. We've improved our security in our constant war against spammers. There's more to browse and even some puppies under age of six months. And it is still free for individuals to use.

Judges A-List
A message for anyone organising an agility show. Did you know that you can contact judges easily by emailing them direct by using the link on the A-List? There are 500 KC, UKA and independent judges to select from. New judges always welcome.

It can be difficult to find an official KC Measurer if you are new to agility or have a new dog just starting out. A number of measuring sessions are now listed on the Events & Measuring page and/or the Show Diary. Use the Qualifier filter and select Measuring.

Agilitynet Show Diary
Agilitynet has been listening to you again. We've had a request to add classes for Juniors to the Show Diary but will need the help of all the show organisers to identify shows with classes for kids.

Thank you again to the 4th Height Group for supplying information about shows offer LHO classes and measuring for the past year.

GDPR Compliance
News and information is at the heart of everything we do at Agilitynet. We are – and have always been - totally committed to protecting your privacy. Our promise to you is to hold your information securely and use it responsibly and transparently. Your Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. (T&Cs)


Image may contain: plant and outdoor
Something to do with all your old rosettes...

Coronavirus Agility Picture Gallery
A week in the life of the Agility community - social distancing, self-isolating and generally keeping dog and human occupied. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourite images. Stay safe.

Diary of a Self-Isolater
Penny Heal admits to being in the self-isolating age category and, like all of us, is having difficulty adapting to a way of life with none of her usual activities. She's finding it harder than she thought it would be.

The BIG Question
Put aside your cares for a moment. Other than the current current crisis, what are the important issues of what, when, how and why of dog agility.

Foot 'n  Mouth Humour Revisited
History repeats itself almost two decades later.

Thngs to do during lockdown
We asked for your suggestions on how to survive these troubled times without training or shows. It isn't going to be easy but our houses will never be cleaner nor our gardens greener. Hope this light-hearted list will cheer you up in these dark agility-less days.

Perennial Starter Writes Again
Welcome back to Sally Jones, an ex-agility addict who still can’t quite kick the habit after 31 years. For instance, looking at her campervan parked on the drive, she hatched a cunning plan.


Qualifiers News
Sadly the news is not good. The following qualifiers have been cancelled or postponed for now due to the lack of shows.

  • The Agility Club Starters Challenge

  • Crystal Vision Agility

  • Triple Team Q

BSD Worlds
The 2020 FMBB World Championship is still up in the air. They have been postponed from May with the intention of rescheduling at the same venue in France in August, subject to conditions improving.

Pic of the Litter
Dynamite Dill is on a roll...

Thinking Aloud
30 years down the road from his first Crufts, Greg Derrett shares some timely advice that was given to him at the time. And it wasn't about his hair style!

YKC Young Person of the Year
Well deserved congratulations to Ryan Hennessy for winning the Sean McAlpine Award for Young Person of the Year at Crufts for co-founding Forever Agility.

Crufts Checklist
For new visitors and anyone else who may have not been to the NEC for a while, we found this list of things to remember when going to Crufts circulating on FB. Enjoy your day and don't say that we didn't warn you.

Canine Massage Guide
The Canine Massage Guild is delighted to announce the appointment of Marcelle Cassar BVSc (Hons) CCRT MRCVS as its Veterinary Technical Advisor.

Life After Retirement
After retiring from a busy job, Jane Cameron started Agility at the age of 60, never realising how much it would take over her life. Last year she retired again. She shares her thoughts on what it is like to start agility in later life.

Ag.Ch. Dogs
Is Naarah Cuddy's Lemon the first dog to attain Championship status in 2020? BTW congratulations on your Large British Open win at Crufts.

Surprising Success Stories
2019 was a year of ups and downs, changes and challenges. When we asked for your, we were inundated with the most wonderful stories of your achievements.


There' are extra 'runs for fun' for every Grade level now, not just the Advanced dogs. You can find a qualifier to suit you by using the Qualifiers button on the Show Diary page. Or join a League. Don't be shy. Go for it!

Qualifiers News

Senior Agility League
Congratulations to all the division winners of the 2019 League with special mention to Jenny Hastie and Nessa who were the Overall Winner with a spectacular 3322 points. And well done to everyone who took part last year.

Now is a good time to register but only if you are 55+ years. No young whippersnappers allowed!

Intermediate League
Calling all handlers with a dog which measures Intermediate or Standard at KC/UKA shows. There's now a new league just for you.

Dog Vegas Loyalty League
From 1st June, Dog Vegas will be rewarding competitors with a Loyalty League, a competition for ALL grades and heights. split into three distinct categories: The Aces, The Pack and The Jokers.

Toy Breeds Agility League
The first year of the Toy Breed Agility League (TBAL) was a huge success with over 16,000 points being awarded to members for their places earned throughout the year.

Still the best way to reach agility people!

You can buy and / or sell your unwanted items on the Flea Market all year round. It's free and talks direct to the dog people you want to reach.


The Appliance of Science
Alan Waddington finishes the year with another one of his thought provoking and topical observations. Dog Agility - objective or subjective?

On the Road to Digital Agility
If you are interested in the history of agility and how our sport has evolved, you'll want to read June Richardson's account of how show process started way back when...

Milo's Journey to Champ
Follow Milo's journey from frightened rescue pup to Agility Champion. It's an incredible story of hard work, dedication and perseverance, one you won't soon forget in your agility life.

Managing Canine Epilepsy
When Kay Westgate's JRT Alfie had his first Grand Mal seizure, the vets said it might be a one off. It wasn't. She took advice from many sources and made changes to their life. It seems to have worked as Alfie has now been seizure free for four years.

Canine Osteoarthritis
A diagnosis of OA will change your dog's life, and yours. However, Lynsey Tindall and CAM believe that arthritis is not the end of the road, just a change in direction. Managed early and effectively, you will be able to give your dog more happy years.


Boodle Learns New Games
If you are looking for a great gift for a young agility child, look no further. Boodle the Golden Doodle is here. Book reviewed by Agilitynet's own little handler (aged 4) with a little help from her mother (slightly older.)

Salomon Supercross Trainers Review
If you are thinking about buying new running shoes for Agility, you might want to read Iain Patz's review of the new Salomon Supercross trainer.

Louise Bray loves these colourful silicone dog name tags so much that she wanted everyone to know.

K9 Custom Canopies
These custom-made sun reflective covers for most cars and vans are just what they say on the tin. Reviewed by Dave Nash who was motivated by the product and cake!

Winston & Porter® Hip & Joint Rescue
Friends Shellie Smith and Alison Barlow review this canine joint supplement which contains a quadruple strength combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for long term joint health and mobility.

Photizo® Vetcare
Chris Garrett has used Photizo Light Therapy on her dogs and on herself for a while now, and she agreed enthusiastically to review the Photizo® Vetcare devise, a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.


You'll find everything you need here for a happy and active life with your dogs. For more information about a specific product or service, click on the advert below.

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